Collaborative consumtpion
App prototype
The assignment at the ING Experience Center was to create a customer journey on collaborative consumption. Collaborative consumption is the sharing and giving of goods and services. The project lasted 21 weeks in total and during this project several products were delivered. The reason for the assignment was that Amsterdam was named the most collaborative consumption city. ING wanted to respond to this by making a customer journey about collaborative consumption. In the customer journey a persona, illustrations and prototypes had to be made. The assignment was to devise, design and realize these.
Photoshop Storyboard Invision
To know more about the persona I created a profile for a user and made a story to explain how they would use this product. See below the storyboard and the illustrations that were created to accompany them.
User Experience
Prototype The frame of the customer journey was created and the illustrations to show the story. Creating the prototype was the next step. A flowchart was made to see which actions the user must go through to use the App. After that I made a wireframe to see what the prototype would look like.

To see the final prototype click here
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