Digital Marketing
Responsive design for games
To promote games on the platform, there are responsive pages for mobile and online created. Using the elements that are in the game. Thinking about the UI and UX experience from a user perspective a mock-up is created. The mock-up is realised in a CMS system using HTML, CSS, JavaScript and jQuery. Additional to the designs, there are banners created for different platforms like Google Ads.
Photoshop Freepik/Games Front-End
Product advertisement
Mock-ups for antivirus product
In marketing promoting products is part of the job. Therefor I create mock-ups to show what the product will give the user. But also think about the design to make it visually pleasing to the eye and the experience needs to be smooth.
Photoshop Freepik Front-End
Banner design & testing
To test which design works best for the target group. Multiple designs are created. Then do an A/B test to see which one would work best.
User Experience
Game Portals & designs They are designed to make it easy to play your favourite mobile games, eliminating the need to use different platforms as everything is collected in the portal.

To have a simple but effective portal and campaign to accompany it, the games need to be well promoted before the user gets to the portal. By using banners on different platforms, we try to get the user excited and engaged, encouraging them to try out a variety of new games. When they click on the banner, they will go to what we call a prelander where they will get more information about the game or get to see a preview.

The user will create a personal account to connect to the portal, from then onwards they can play hundreds of games to their liking. You can download the games to your phone or try them out on your tablet.
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