Portal design
Creating the best sports experience and updates using a live tracker. Sportstoday wants to give the user the best up to date information on basketball, tennis and football. Creating a new portal design, house style and logo they were my main objectives for this brand. With the focus being on usability and the overall design. Creating an eye catching and easy to use design for the website.
Photoshop Pexels Front-End
Work flow
For this project there was a wireframe created and user experience flow. Also a prototype was created with mockups to see what would happen if the user clicks on the certain elements. See below for the prototype for online. If you want to see the wireframe see the link below.
See below the prototype, click on the frame to start. Scroll on the second screen is available.
User Experience
Sportstoday is designed so that all your favourite sports are in one place, it’s all combined in the portal. Currently it’s just three sports, but over time it could be extended with more, if there is demand for it. The design promotes optimal use of the portal on all devices. You can watch it together, on your own, or while traveling. The user just requires internet to use it.

Creating a strong concept for the design, that was easy to use for the end user was more difficult. How are you going to get the user to the place they want to be without too much effort? Football is the most watched sport which is why it’s on the frontpage. I decided to go for a simple scroll page, with a slider to get to the desired content quickly. Click on your favourite sports and go to the page straight away for the live tracker.

The user will create a personal account to connect to the portal from then onwards they can track their sports without limits. The only thing they need to think about is when to watch and cheer for their favourite team or players.
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